How to modify the text on the Back in Stock button

The Back in Stock button is the notification bar that appears on a product when it is out-of-stock.  Customers must click this button if they wish to receive a notification as soon as a product becomes available. 

There is a default text that is set for the Back in Stock button. These texts can be changed or modified if you wish to use a more personalized approach. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Launch the app and go to Settings.

2. Click Button Design.

3. Make sure the Back in Stock Button is enabled.

4. In the Text field, enter your preferred text for the notification. In this example, we used PING ME WHEN THIS IS IN-STOCK.

Note: Your changes will automatically be visible in the Preview box.

5. Choose the size of the text and the location of the notification bar as you desire.

6. Set the Offset. This will the distance of the notification bar from the edge of the screen.

7. Choose the color for the Background and the Text on the notification bar.

8. Click Save.

Your Back in Stock button is now modified.