What is Back in Stock Alerts?

What is Back in Stock Alerts and how does it work?

Back in Stock Alerts is an excellent addition to the Booster Apps range of awesome apps. It allows your customers to receive a notification when their desired products get restocked if they opt for it. This will somehow give them the guarantee to be immediately made aware of the availability of the product so they can order right away before the stocks run out again. No need for them to send inquiries as to when the product becomes in-stock or check the store every now and then.

You, on the other hand, can also benefit a lot from using this app since customers will be alerted as soon as you restock without the need to manually send out emails to them one by one, informing them about the availability of their desired product. They can send their orders right away and just then just wait for you to ship them.

This app works by displaying a Subscribe Form on the page of a sold-out product. When the customer browsed through this product, he can click on the Notify button on the form so he can receive a notification when the product becomes available.

Also, this app is one hundred percent free, with no hidden charges or whatsoever! You can install it and enjoy it without worrying about monthly bills and keeping up with payments.