How to set the maximum number of products to show

It is always important to upsell as many products as you can so that customers will be aware and you can convert as many sales as you want. However, you should also consider how your upselling would look like on a product page. It is not good to see a product page filled up to the brim with ads or purchase recommendations and suggestions. It may result in loss of sales and worse, loss of customers.

To make sure this will not happen, you can set a maximum number of products that will show on a product page when you are upselling. This way, you can be sure that the page will not be overcrowded and organized. Follow these easy steps below:

1. Launch the app and go to Widget Settings.

2. Under the Products section, click the drop-down arrow and choose the maximum number of products that you want to set.

You can also check or uncheck the box that allows the product display to be shuffled or appear in random order.

3. Click Save.

The maximum number of upsells will now be limited to three.