How to adjust the size of the recommendations box

A stretched or distorted product page can be a disaster. This may happen if there are misconfigurations or settings on your online store that are not properly set. The area where your product recommendations may need to be properly set to make sure that it won't cause any distortion or issues with the overall look of your page.

You can set the size of the box that houses these products to limit them from overcrowding.

Do these simple steps below:

1. Launch the app and go to Widget Settings.

2. Scroll down to the Box Style section.

3. Set the width of the box. In this example, we limit the size to 400 px.

4. Click Save.

Your Box width is now limited to 400 px. 

**Be careful not to set the Box max width too low, or the widget may end up very narrow and stretched down the page. In this example the max width is set to 10 px, resulting in a long, thin display: