How to customize price options settings

Most of the time, you can see that the prices of products are shown on the Frequently Bought Together Pro widget. These are the regular prices for the items displayed and the discounted prices that you have set (if applicable) brought about by the use of the app.

Using the app, you have the option to show these prices on the widget or hide them if you wish so. Make them visible or hidden at anytime you want to, it is going to be a simple slide on the switch. Follow these easy steps:

1. Launch the app and go to Widget Settings under Settings.

2. Scroll down to the Price Options section.

3. Toggle the switch to the ON or OFF position to show or hide the original product prices and total price, depending on your preference.

4. Toggle the switch to the ON or OFF position to show or hide the "Compare at price" or the sale price if available, depending on your preference.

5. Click Save.