Loyalty Hero FAQ


This article lists the most frequently asked questions about the Loyalty Hero app:

1. What can Loyalty Hero do for my store?

Loyalty Hero is another free app from Booster Apps. It can enhance the business relationship you have with your customers by means of reward points they accumulated and that can be used for their purchases. Since the app allows you to create reward programs, it can somehow make your loyal customers feel appreciated and valued. And it is 100% free!

2. Is it really free forever? I am worried that I might get charged later on.

We do have plans of creating a paid version of this app in the future that comes along with more features and functionalities. But no need to worry if you have installed the app right now, you can rest assured that this version and all its features you are currently enjoying, are absolutely free for you forever.

3. If I automatically give points to customers upon signing up for the program, can they use ALL of their points on their very first purchase after they signed up?

Yes, customers can use all the points they earned on their very first purchase.

4. Do the points expire?

The answer actually depends on you. By default, there is no expiration date of the validity of the points so customers can use them at any time they prefer. However, setting an expiration for customers to redeem their rewards is definitely possible. to learn more about this, check out Setting an expiration in redeeming points.

5. The app isn't working for my store.

Please ensure that the following steps are complete. 

1) Customer accounts are enabled for your store. It can either be optional or required, depending on your preference.

2) You have enabled the points program.

6. Do I need to add any code?

No. The app is 100% set up automatically and customized by you :)

7. How do I uninstall?

You can simply delete the app from the list on your Shopify admin to uninstall it. Uninstalling it from your apps list will completely remove all traces of the app from your store.

8. How long does it take before I see the widget?

Please clear your browser cache and allow about 30 seconds to see changes reflected on your store.

9. Can I modify the Rewards Program panel and choose the colors I want?

Absolutely! The Rewards Program panel is fully customizable. Check this guide for step-by-step instructions. 

10. Can I set the placement of the Rewards Program panel?

Sure you can! The Rewards Program panel is set to appear on the right side of the page by default but you can move it to the left anytime you want. Check this guide to learn how.

11. Does this app work on mobile?

Yes, the app will work across all browsers including mobile. We have also released a mobile-optimized version of the widget to make it more convenient for you.

12. Can the app give points to referrals and track their purchases as well?

Sure it can! You can now enable a referral program within the app and create a rewards program for both the referring customers and their referred friends. To know more about this, check out How to enable the referral program and Creating a Rewards program based on referrals.