Earning Points

Purpose: The Points Program serves as your guidelines in giving out reward points to the customers. This is where you can create and specify details on how the customer can earn his points, how many points he can get, and what rewards they can redeem using their accumulated points.

This process shows you how to set up the points to be earned by customers thru the Points Program.

1. Launch the app and go to Program.

2. In the Points Program window, make sure the status is set to ON

3. In the Earning Points section, choose how the customer will be able to earn the points and set it to ON. In this example, we chose Place an order. This will allow the customer to earn points each time he purchases from the store.

Note: At this point, the other available options to allow the customer to earn points will be through social media. You can set this up by clicking on the Add Another Way to Earn button. There is no other way to add a section to earn points or choose other options yet since we are still currently enhancing the app to add more features in the future.

4. Click the Edit button.

5. Choose the Earning Type you prefer:

  • Increments of points (recommended) - This gives out a specific number of points each time the amount that you have set is reached. Eg. 5 points for every 1 Euro
  • Fixed amount of points - This gives out a specific number of points for a completed transaction regardless of the amount. Eg. 10 points for every transaction

6. Set the number of points you want to grant to the customer.

Note: You can also check the box below the field to limit the number of times each customer can earn points for this action.

7. Click Save.

You can now begin informing your customers that they can earn 3 points for every dollar of their purchase.