Edit Redeeming Points

Purpose: The Points Program serves as your guidelines in giving out reward points to the customers. This is where you can create and specify details on how the customer can earn his points, how many points he can get, and what rewards they can redeem using their accumulated points.

This process shows you how to edit the default Redeem Points settings thru the Points Program.

1. Launch the app and go to Program.

2. In the Points Program window, make sure the status is set to ON

3. Scroll down to the Redeeming Points section and check the default rewards already set up. 

4. Choose a reward you want to modify and click the Edit button. In this example, let's edit the first reward on the list.

5. Edit any of the following settings according to your preference.

  • Reward Title - the name of the reward to easily identify it
  • Points Redemption Style - the type of redemption of customers' earned points
  • Reward Value - the number of points and the equivalent discount 
  • Applies To - the option to offer the reward to the entire order or just to specific products
  • Minimum Requirement - the option to set a minimum purchase amount 

6. Click Save to apply your new settings.

Your updates are now applied!