Customizing the Launcher

Purpose: The Launcher is the icon or widget you can see at the bottom right of your screen that launches the panel of the Rewards program that you have set up on your store. Usually, this icon or widget appears about 30 seconds or so after saving the Rewards program settings you have configured. This icon appears as Rewards by default but you can change this according to your preference.

This process shows how to customize the widget texts on the Launcher of your Rewards program.

1. Launch the app and go to Brand Style.

2. Click Launcher.

3. You can customize the launcher in both Desktop and Mobile view. In this example, we choose Desktop.

4. Choose the placement of the Launcher. You have the option to place it either on the left or right portion of your site's home page.

Note: The preview section on the right automatically applies the changes as you adjust the settings.

5. Adjust the Padding to your preference. This is the distance of the launcher from the edge of your screen.

6. Choose how the Launcher appears on your screen. In this example, let's change it to Image only to minimize the space.

7. Choose between the Star (default) icon or the Gift icon. In this example, we choose the Gift icon.

8. Click Save to apply all your changes.