Creating a Rewards program based on referrals

Purpose: Making referrals is a brilliant way of expanding your market and gaining more customers in the business. This is one of the easiest parts of the marketing area since your existing customers can send new customers directly to your store. For this, you can show your appreciation to customers who have made referrals by creating a rewards program for them.

This process shows you how to create a Rewards program based on your existing customers' referrals.

1. Launch the app and click Program.

2. Click Referrals.

3. Make sure the status is enabled.

4. In the Referral Rewards section, there are two default referral rewards you can edit. The rewards for the Referring Customer and one for the Referred Customer. In this example, we will modify the reward for the Referring Customer. Click the Edit button in this section.

5. On the next page, set your preferred settings in the following fields:

  • Reward Title - your preferred phrase for the reward
  • Reward - the discount value of the reward
  • Apply to - you can set to apply the reward to all your products or specific ones
  • Min Requirement - you can set a minimum amount in order to get the reward

6. Click Save to apply your changes.