Changing Banner Settings on your EU Cookie Bar app

The banner settings on your website can be changed or modified using the EU Cookie Bar app. Follow the steps below to learn how.

STEP 1. Log in to your Shopify account and then click Apps in the Navigation pane.

STEP 2. Click the EU Cookie Bar app.

STEP 3. In the Banner Settings section, click the box that says Banner enabled on your store to turn it ON.

STEP 4. In the Message box, enter the message that you would want to appear when informing the customer about using cookies on the website. In this example, we use This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience while you browse.

STEP 5. Enter the text that you want to appear in the OK Button Text field. In this example, we use Ok, great!

STEP 6. In the Info Link Text field, enter the phrase where customers click on to get more information about a certain topic. In this example, we use Click here to learn more.

STEP 7. In the Privacy Policy URL field, enter the URL of your cookie policy page.

STEP 8. (Optional) If you prefer to have your banner visible only to countries within EU, click the box that says Show banner just for EU countries.

STEP 9. Click Save Settings.