Frequently Asked Questions

This article lists down the most frequently asked questions about the EU Cookie Bar app:

1. How do I enable the app?

Enabling the app is a breeze! All you need to do is install it and let it do all the work.

2. The app is stuck at 66% complete.

Please note that bringing the app to 100% completion is NOT REQUIRED for the app to work.

3. The app won't work.

Please ensure the banner is enabled using the switch below and make sure you hit Save in the top right.

4.Can I test the app and view the store if I am not from Europe? 
Yes, you can. Just ensure that the "Show banner just for EU countries" setting is set to "OFF"

5. Is it possible to turn off the app without uninstalling it?

Yes, it is. If you do not want to uninstall the app and just need to pause it for a short time, just set the slider to the OFF position on the Dashboard and it will be temporarily disabled. You can turn it back on anytime you want by setting the slider to the ON position again.