Page Speed Optimizer Frequently Asked Questions

This article contains a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Page Speed Optimizer app:

What can this app do?
The app automatically speeds up your store's load times by adding one simple script tag to your theme called booster-page-speed-optimizer.js.

Will this app also boost my site ranking?
Page Speed Optimizer is made and design to help boost the speed of your site in terms of clicks by pre-loading links. Unfortunately, it has no bearing on your site ranking when it comes to SEO.

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How does this app help my store?
Amazon and others found out that cutting 100 milliseconds of latency improves sales by 1%. This app will help improve your conversions.

Is there a paid plan?
Nope — this app is and will always be 100% FREE!

What permissions do I need to grant the app and why are they necessary?
Upon installing the app, it will ask permission to access and modify store data. This is necessary to install and run the app and its files in your theme.

How do I enable the app?
Simply slide the switch to the ON position and the app will do its thing! No need to do anything else.

Why can't I see any difference in the speed of my website after installing the app?
Page speed applications such as Pingdom or GTmetrix will not show any improvements when Page Speed Optimizer is installed. These apps measure page speed on the first page when it is the first time opening the site while Page Speed Optimizer only starts working after the first-page load as we are preloading links on the page.

What can I do if I experience issues using the app?
You can sync the app to your store to make sure all settings are applied. 

How do I uninstall the app?

You can uninstall the app by clicking Delete beside it on your Shopify admin page.

You can also remove this line from your layout/theme.liquid file:
{{ '//' | script_tag }}

How can I pause the app if I don't want to totally uninstall it?
Simply turn the switch to the OFF position on the Dashboard.