I can't see the currency bar on my store

Can't see the currency bar working on your store? Here's a quick checklist guide to resolve the issue:

1. Ensure the Conversion Status is set to "ON"

Launch the app and go to the Dashboard. Look for the Auto Currency Conversion Status section and make sure the slider is set to the ON position.

2. Ensure the Device settings are checked

This will make sure that the currencies on your store will be visible to both Desktop and Mobile versions. Go to the Dashboard and scroll down to the Device Settings section. Make sure that both boxes on Desktop and Mobile are checked.

3. Sync your store from the Troubleshooting page

Doing this step will make sure that whatever changes you have done on the settings will be applied to your store. Click on the Troubleshooting tab on the left navigation panel and click the Sync Store button as shown below.

Have you performed the steps above but are still having issues?

This is most likely due to a compatibility issue with your theme. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with all themes so there are themes that will not work with our app 😔  We recommend reaching out to our support team to confirm what the cause of the issue is. Just email "support@boosterapps.com".