Frequently Asked Questions

This article contains the most frequently asked questions about our Multi Currency Converter app:

1. How do I enable the app?
It's easy :) Just flip the switch to the  ON position. That's it! Sit back and let the app do the hard work!

2. Is there a paid plan?

The app is 100% Free! 

3. How do I change the text of the selector?

The selector text is 100% customizable through the Currency Bar Design section within the app. Change the text and design to match your brand and style.

4. How do I uninstall the app?

You can simply delete the app from the list on your Shopify admin to uninstall it. The app is built with Shopify's recommended script tag method. This means that all code will be deleted when the app is removed from your apps list.

5. Can I preview the currencies I have set before making them visible in my store?

Definitely! The app allows you to see a preview so you can modify any of the settings according to your preferences before making them public.

6. Can I specify other currencies that I prefer even if they are not visible among the options?
Sure you can! All you need to do is add the currency by clicking the + Add More Currencies button and it will reveal more options for you.

7. Is it possible to auto-select the currency based on the location so that the customer does not need to select his currency manually?
Yes! You can set the app to automatically select the currency by checking the box as shown below.

8. Is mobile view also supported?
Most definitely! Both desktop and mobile views are supported. You can enable/disable any of them or have them both at the same time with no problems at all.

9. Can I move the currency bar to different areas in both desktop and mobile views?
You are free to move the currency bar to other areas depending on your preference. This is both on desktop and mobile views.

10. Is it possible to set the app to round off the prices by default?
Yes, that is possible. You can enable that by checking the box. You can also set the round style and round decimal according to your preference.

11. Is there a notification on the cart page before the customers check out?
It actually depends on you. The app has this feature but you can decide whether to enable or disable it anytime by checking/unchecking the box. You can also modify and design the texts.

12. Does the app work on an unpublished theme?

Our app only works on the live theme and will not work with an unpublished theme. The reason for this is, in the event of app issues, we can easily test things out in real-time, for troubleshooting purposes.