Customizing the Currency Bar settings

The currency bar on your online store has its default settings that you can customize according to your preference.

In this article:

Customizing currency bar position

On the Dashboard, scroll down to the Device Settings section.
Click the drop-down arrow on the Display Position and choose the new location of the currency bar.

Note: You can choose the same or different position settings for both Desktop and Mobile view, depending on your choice.

Once you are satisfied with your setting, click Save


Customizing bar design

On the Dashboard, scroll down to the Currency Bar Design section.
Choose your own design settings for the currency bar:
  • Show flag and currency
  • Currency only 
  • Background color of the bar 
  • Color of the text inside the bar
  • Hover color  
  • Add a shadow to the bar 
Once you are satisfied with your settings, click Save.