Enabling and customizing cart page notification settings

A currency converter app saves the customers a lot of time and effort computing and converting prices they see on the cart page to their own currency and vice versa. However, as soon as customers reach the Checkout page, the currency automatically goes back to your store's own default currency. Shopify does not allow third-party apps access to modify the currency on the checkout page.

While most customers do not have any issues with this, others may find it confusing. Enabling the cart page notification will let the customers know what to expect when they reach the Checkout page. 

In this article:

Enabling cart page notification

On the Dashboard, scroll down to the Cart Page Notification section.
Check its box to enable it.
Click  Save.

Customizing the notification texts

To customize the notification texts, follow these easy steps:

Under the  Cart Page Notification section, enter your preferred texts for the notification in the box provided.
Choose your preferred colors for the text and the background by clicking each of them.
Once you are satisfied with your settings, click  Save.
(Optional) Click Preview Notification to see how it would look like on the cart page.

Common question

Can I show the converted price on the checkout page?
The app doesn't have the ability to show the converted prices using the customer's currency on the checkout page. When you've reached the checkout page, prices will always be converted to your store's own currency, no matter what the customer has chosen to be displayed.