How to Enable Cart page Notification

Whatever currency your customers use, it is never going to be a problem when it comes to conversion as long as you have this app properly installed. 

It saves the customers a lot of time and effort computing and converting prices they see on the cart page to their own currency and vice versa. However, as soon as customers reach the Checkout page, the currency automatically goes back to your store's own currency and the customers will be billed according to the prevailing conversion rates. The app was designed to work like this to prevent messing up with your own store's inventory. 

While most customers claim that do they do not have any issues with this, others may find it confusing. Addressing this, you can set a notification within the app that will let the customers know about what to expect when they reach the Checkout page. This notification will be visible on the cart page and will prevent confusion to the customers.

To enable this Cart Page Notification, do these easy steps:

1. Launch the app and go to the Dashboard.

2. Scroll down to the Cart Page Notification section at the bottom and check its corresponding box to enable it.

3. Click Save.

Customers will now see the notification on the cart page.