Frequently Asked Questions

This article contains the most frequently asked questions about our Frequently Bought Together PRO app:

1. What is Frequently Bought Together PRO?

Frequently Bought Together PRO is another great app from Booster Apps. It allows you to add suggested items as upsells to the product page and entice customers to buy these additional items to go together with their original purchases. 

It benefits the customers since they will be made aware of other available products that can be paired with their original items and it benefits you as the store owner since it would mean more sales, more revenue!

2. How much does this app cost?

The app is absolutely 100% free!

3. How do I get started?

All you need to do is click the Add app button on the Shopify app store and the app will guide you through the setup. No sweat!

4. How does this app work?

The app works by showing additional items on the product page of the original product that the customer is browsing. These items will appear as suggestions or upsell of products that are usually paired or bought together with the product.

5. How does the app choose the products to show as frequently bought together? 

The products are chosen based on your store's previous order history.

6. Can I manually choose the products myself?

We're afraid It isn't possible to manually choose the products to upsell. However, you can filter the product recommendations within the same product type, collection, or vendor. To learn how to do this, check How to filter out random recommendations.

7. I'm having some issues with the app. What should I do?

If you are having issues with the app, you can try doing the following steps first:

  1. Sync your store so that the settings will apply. Go to the Troubleshooting page of the app.
  2. Go back to your store, clear your cookies, and then reload the page.

If you are still having issues after doing the steps above, please get in touch with us and we will provide you with support as best as we can :)

8. Do you provide API support for this app?

Unfortunately, we do not provide open API integrations for this app or any of our current apps.