Getting Started

Thank you for installing the app. Did you need a hand setting it up? No worries, we've created a short video that shows how to set up from start to finish 😊

Or if you prefer a step-by-step walkthrough, follow the steps below 😊

1. Go to your Store Currency Settings and click Change Formatting.

2. Take note of the two fields that you will be working on: HTML with currency and HTML without currency.

3. Go back to the app and copy the snippet on the  HTML With currency.

4. Go back to the  Store Currency Settings page and paste the copied snippet on the field provided.

5. Do the same copy-and-paste process for the HTML without currency snippet.

6. Click Save.

7. Go back to the app and press the button  Click to verify.

8. Wait until a pop-up message confirms that it has been verified.

9. Turn on the Auto Currency Conversion Status by sliding the button to the ON position. This will now enable the app to convert the currency based on your customer's location.

10. Click Save.

When you go to your store, you will now see the currencies that are loaded and available for your customers based on their location.